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User agreement and privacy policy
1. Subject of the user agreement

1.1. This User agreement regulates the relationship between the administration of the site "" (hereinafter Administration, Service or Website) and an individual (hereinafter User) on the use of the service, which downloads graphic files for sharing or downloads images from the site "".
1.2. The user is encouraged to use the Service on the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement (UA).

2. Terms Of Service

2.1. The user can use the Service in any way within the limits of its functionality, including:
- registration and/or authorization;
- viewing placed at the service of graphic Materials;
- placing or displaying graphics on the service;
- other use of the functionality of the provided Service; - creates the contract on the terms of this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of Art. 437 and 438 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.
2.2. When using the Service within its functionality, the User confirms that he has read the terms of UA.
2.3. The user Agreement of the Service may be changed without any special notice.
2.4. The user is solely responsible for all information that he uses using the service.
2.5. The Site administration reserves the right to:
- delete any image uploaded by the user without explaining the reasons for their removal;
- to remove any User data in the event of a breach of this Agreement;
- change the user agreement at any time;
2.6. The user agrees not to use the Service for downloading and sending files and/or materials that are contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation, which:
- violate intellectual property rights, copyrights and/or related rights of third parties;
- affect any patent, trademark, copyright and other rights of third parties;
- fully or partially protected by copyright or other rights, without the permission of their owner;
- are unlawful, harmful, threatening, offending morality, defamatory, promote hatred and/or discrimination against people on racial, ethnic, sexual, or social grounds;
- violate the rights of minors and/or cause them harm in any form;
- other files and materials, the content and/or distribution of which is prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
- commit acts that lead to violations of the normal operation of the Site;
- impersonate employees of the Service Administration, the Site owner, as well as another person and/or organization;
2.7. Ignorance of your rights and obligations does not relieve you of your responsibility.
2.8. User should be aware of their rights and obligations under this agreement.
2.9. User avatar image content:
- on the image there should be no foul language or obscene gestures;
- image should not contain content 18+;
- image should not contain violence or propaganda (drugs, religion, fascism, etc.).
Failure to comply with this rule the administration can replace the avatar on a standard.
2.10. Contents of the comment:
- the name must be the user name;
- obscene language, insults, obscenities, spam, modification of words by replacing letters with other characters/symbols/letters, etc., prohibited;
2.11. Site Administration reserves the right to edit the added images, including the correction of grammatical errors in the "tags", comments for pictures.

3. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter PP)

3.1. Personal data (name, surname, patronymic, e-mail addresses, etc.) are transferred by the user voluntarily.
3.2. The data on the website is collected by forms for filling in, for example, registration form, leaving a review/comment, feedback and other available forms on the website.
3.3. The service may collect and store User data using Cookies technology to improve the quality of service.
3.4. Personal data can be published on the Website in accordance with its functionality (name, leaving a comment), the User agrees to their actions for their publication.
3.5. User has the right to change the Personal data in the settings of the personal account.
3.6. User:
- should not transfer personal data information to third parties for security purposes;
- he chooses a way to store them.
3.7. At the request of the law, personal data may be disclosed for security purposes:
- against fraud and unlawful acts;
- at the request of law enforcement agencies;
- in other cases stipulated by the current legislation.
3.8. This PP may be changed or terminated by the Service without prior notice to the user. In connection with these changes, the User gives his her consent.