Customizing colors
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Crop on the desired size and download the selected image
How to crop?

- Select the desired resolution from «List resolutions» and press «Crop and download»;

- If your resolution is greater than the resolution of the image, you can tick «Crop with zoom», but the quality of the image may deteriorate;

- If you tick «Free transformation, you can change the selected area as you like by dragging the edges of the selection area;

- With the free transformation, to comply with the proportions, check the «Keep aspect ratio» and drag the frame edge selection;

- If the «Crop from center» check box is selected, crop will go from the center and squeeze to the specified size, while the selected area and «Keep aspect ratio» will not be taken into account;

- If you want exact resolution, for example 1000 per 1000 and you can't seem to adjust the resolution (comes across 1001 or 999 but not 1000), then check «Adjust resolution» to enter the desired width and height of the resolution in the input fields «Width/Height».

Image: Kebab, meat, vegetables, skewers, fire
Crop options
Image resolution: 1920x1080
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